Friday, April 12, 2013

Theresa Scavo: The District Needs Me

Community Board 15 Chairperson Theresa Scavo has officially announced a bid in the 48th council district to replace term-limited City Councilman Michael Nelson this year, touting her lifetime residency in the neighborhood and her seven-year-long tenure as the Board’s chairperson, Ned Berke reports at Sheepshead Bites. 

“Because of my work at Community Board 15, I am able to hear the problems that are being faced day after day by our neighbors,” Scavo said during her remarks before the Highway Democratic Club at Mirage Diner (717 Kings Highway) in the end of March. “To solve these problems, no matter where you live, we need leadership, we need a vision and we need a commitment from someone who cares.” 

Her announcement wasn't attended by a single legislator, though she is known to have support from Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz. “Look around. Here we have tonight residents, neighbors, standing side by side. I am not a political opportunist. I stand alone tonight. My allegiance will be to no one except the voter,” she said. 

"We live in a very diverse community,” she said. “Yet, with so many differences, we have learned to live together as one community, neighbor to neighbor, sharing common goals and common problems.” 

Video provided by the Highway Democratic Club.

Scavo is expected to face off against Kagan, attorneys Igor Oberman, Michael Treybich and Natraj Bhushan, and Nelson's aide Chaim Deutsch in the primaries.

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  1. She doesn't even want to hear the problems of neighbors in the coop she owns. She allows the building to keep declining without wanting to help honest people trying to over see unfair board. They keep violating all bilaws.Six months after Sandy, building has not been fixed at all, because all the money has also disappeared in the 4 years the inept board has been in charge.They can't even pay utility bills. How will she help anyone when she is elected when she doesn't see problems in her own front yard?